[Samba] Trouble migrating from plain text to encrypted passwords

Ian Moore imoore at picknowl.com.au
Sun Jan 9 11:50:31 GMT 2005

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 19:06, Christoph Scheeder wrote:
> Ian Moore schrieb:
> > Hi,
> > I'm looking for some help to migrate from plain text to encrypted
> > passwords. I'm using smbpasswd for authentication on a FreeBSD 4.9 server
> > with samba 2.2.8.
> > When we set up our server, we had Win95 clients with plain text
> > passwords. As we introduced Win98 clients, we just kept with the plain
> > text passwords. Now we are looking at XP clients and enctrypted
> > passwords.
> > My understanding from everything I've found on this subject is that by
> > setting update encrypted = Yes and encrypt password = no, I sould be able
> > to migrate from unencrypted to encrypted passwords.
> > I've made those settings in swat, logged in on a plain password client &
> > then set the client to use encrypted passwords and tried to log in again,
> > but the password is refused.
> Hi,
>   this is exactly the expected behavior.
> As long as the line
> encrypt password=no
> is in your smb.conf you can't login using encrypted passwords.
> The two lines you mention are ment to be there for a period of a few
> weeks, untill all your users have logged in at least one time.
> Then you have to remove both lines and after that point no
> cleartext-passwords will be allowed anymore.
> You can't have it both at the same time in your network.
> Christoph

Thanks Christoph,
I was wondering how samba would figure out wether you were sending an 
encrypted password or not :-)
I'll give that a try.

Ian Moore

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