[Samba] SAMBA and Windows 2003 Appliance Server

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sun Jan 9 11:07:08 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 00:47 -0600, Jon Morgan wrote:
> I have a Redhat Linux Server running SAMBA and Windows 2003 NAS running Appliance server.  What I would like to do is move my data to the NAS but use SAMBA to provide the shares.  The problem that I'm running into is that the users can see the data but can't write to it since Windows isn't aware of the user.  How can I make this work?  Right now I am mounting a drive to the Windows share and then sharing that mount point from the Linux box.  What am I doing wrong?  (Outside of using Windows 2003 for the NAS)  Ideas?
Sure - the NAS Appliance should have SFU - Services for Unix running.
Create the shares on the NAS for Unix - mount them via NFS on your
RedHat server and set up your samba shares. 

In my setup, I used Samba as a PDC and the Windows Appliance is joined
as a member server. I am using openldap. Since the NAS is a member
server, I can have the Windows users connect directly to the NAS (which
is what I ended up doing because there was a little too much latency
sharing via NFS to Linux and offer the samba shares out to the users)


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