[Samba] Re: WinXP pro client and Samba 2.2.3 PDC?

Martin Pauly pauly at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Fri Jan 7 23:28:35 GMT 2005

> Yes, but you will need to disable all signing. Windows XP has signing enabled 
> by default and Samba-2.2.3 does not support that. Besides, Samba-2.2.3 is 
o.k., once you know what to look for ...
seems to tackle exactly this, I'll give it a try tomorrow

> VERY old and there have been many security updates since it. The 2.x series 
> is no longer supported. The currently supported version is 3.0.x, with the 
> release of 3.0.11 due any time soon.
yep, I know.
- Security is not a real issue at this point (tiny intranet samba).
- Actually, two of our old Windows 98 client machines crashed almost
   simulateously, so I'm in abit of a hurry to get at least
   on new client going (and XP is a must for various reasons)

Thanks anyway, Martin

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