[Samba] WinXP pro client and Samba 2.2.3 PDC?

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Fri Jan 7 17:51:30 GMT 2005

On Friday 07 January 2005 10:33, Martin Pauly wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> sorry if this is already written somewhere:
> Is it at all possible to connect a Windows XP (professional ed.)
> client to a Samba server running 2.2.3?

Yes, but you will need to disable all signing. Windows XP has signing enabled 
by default and Samba-2.2.3 does not support that. Besides, Samba-2.2.3 is 
VERY old and there have been many security updates since it. The 2.x series 
is no longer supported. The currently supported version is 3.0.x, with the 
release of 3.0.11 due any time soon.

- John T.

> I got this far:
> After logging into the client locally I can mount the server shares by
> hand, but the domain logon fails, saying 'The domain controller is not
> 'availabe' (or similar, this is translated from the german error message)
> Thanks, Martin
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