[Samba] Re:Secondary group problem in include statement

Xavi León Javier.Leon-Gutierrez at upc.edu
Fri Jan 7 16:44:56 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> The problem with having a variable for secondary groups
> is that there is no single value for it to expand to.
> Someone might come up with a clever patch, but its not
> on any of our collective todo lists.

Ok, i thought about it and i understand the situation.

> What you might look into is to have a perl script
> or something that generates the smb.conf.%U files
> each of which is something like
>     include = smb.conf.group1
>     include = smb.conf.group2
>     ....
> I would probably only do this type of thing for share
> definitions though.

Understood, thx for the idea, the only one problem is that
my accounts are in an ldap database and i don't know to
make consults against it with scripting... well, i will search
how to make it, thx.

> A second option would be to have a cron job that generates
> a directory full of dfs referrals based on the user's secondary
> group membership.

Sorry but i don't understand this option. Directory full of dfs?
what is a dfs? how can i use it?

Thx again!

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