[Samba] Problem in code tracing (reply)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jan 7 16:39:13 GMT 2005

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caas it wrote:

| Regarding the first one, I traced the function pointer
| from the default vfs_ops struct, to
| 	smbd/vfs-wrap.c/vfswrap_mkdir()
| In this function, mkdir(path,mode) is called (line no.
| 124). This token leads to
| smbwrapper/wrapped.c/mkdir()	line no. 345
| However, this function does not seem to get called, as
| the DEBUG statements in this function are not seen in
| the log files. Does any other function (maybe a system
| function) get called? Or is there a problem with the
| DEBUG statement?

smbwrapper has nothing to do with the server vfs code.
See the manpage on mkdir(2).

| As you have stated correctly  the client and server
| logs are not consolidated. However, what I want to
| know is where do the DEBUG statements in the client
| code (for example client/client.c/do_this_one() line
| no. 309) get printed? Also, where are the d_printf()
| statements printed?

stdout or to the log file defined by the -l command line option.

cheers, jerry
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