[Samba] Problem in code tracing (reply)

caas it caas_it at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jan 7 16:29:09 GMT 2005

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caas it wrote:
| I am using samba-3.0.7 on kernel version 2.6.5-3
| (client as well as server).
| I traced the exact function calling sequence when a
| "mkdir" command is given at the client side.
| I got stuck at the server side,
| 	source/smbd/vfs.c - vfs_MkDir() -
| SMB_VFS_MKDIR(conn,name,mode)  (line no 357)
| Could anyone please tell me exactly where is the
| vfs_ops struct initialised, and which function will
| actually get called in the above call, for the
| described case?
Yuor reply : 
Look in source/smbd/vfs.c.  You get the default
struct unless overridden in the service definition
vfs_init_custom() ).

---------------------------------->Thank you for the
Regarding the first one, I traced the function pointer
from the default vfs_ops struct, to 

In this function, mkdir(path,mode) is called (line no.
124). This token leads to 
smbwrapper/wrapped.c/mkdir()	line no. 345
However, this function does not seem to get called, as
the DEBUG statements in this function are not seen in
the log files. Does any other function (maybe a system
function) get called? Or is there a problem with the
DEBUG statement?


| Also, I set up the log level as 100 in the smb.conf
| file, but the DEBUG statements in the code executed
| the client side are not seen in the log files at the
| client, as they can be seen at the server side. What
| needs to be done so that all these DEBUG statements
| are seen in the client log files?

Your reply:
?  The client log and server logs are isolated by the
different ends on the conversation.  You can't
the server log files into the client log.  Not sure
what you are asking here.

As you have stated correctly  the client and server
logs are not consolidated. However, what I want to
know is where do the DEBUG statements in the client
code (for example client/client.c/do_this_one() line
no. 309) get printed? Also, where are the d_printf()
statements printed?

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