[Samba] "Called name not present" - using smbclient from linux to access win98

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jan 7 15:42:03 GMT 2005

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Xingjun Chu wrote:
| Hi,
| I am quite confused by the following observation.
| I tried to use smbclient on a linux to access a Windows 98 se.
| ---  Smbclient  //IP address/sharefolder -U username%passwd.
| I got some errors like
| Session request to [Ip address] failed (called name
| not present).
| But I can use  the same command from the same Linux to
| access a Window 2000 machine.

Windows 2000 will support netbiosless operations
where as win9x requires netbios a netbios session.

| But the following fact confused me, I can access
| win98 use "//IP address/sharefolder" from my win2k machine,
| for example, enter "//win98 ip address/sharefoler" in
| the "run", I can get in.

Windows 2000 is resolving the ip address to a netbios name
for you.

cheers, jerry
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