[Samba] Samba 3.0 + eCS (os/2)

Guenter Kukkukk lists at kukkukk.com
Fri Jan 7 01:50:40 GMT 2005

Hello Dietrich,

> Hi,
> I use eCS as client for samba. with samba 2.2.x I have never problems
> after configuration. With update my server from  suse 8.1 to 9.1 was
> also samba changed from 2.2.x to 3.0.x. Since this I have only truble.
> max protocol lanman1 works without problems, only .. I have no longnames.
> The docs says, lanman1 is the first with long names support, also not
> about the pm (desktop from os2). With lanman2 (or higher) I see
> longnames in the commandline. I can save/create files, I can not copy
> this this commanline tools, only read and save as. no access about the pm,
> No Ideas, only dowgrade to Samba 2.2.x, this maks other truble with my wine.
> Dietrich
a lot of work has been done by the samba team during the last weeks, to
get eCS / OS/2 working right with _samba 4.0_.
Samba 4.0 is the upcoming new version - a more or less complete re-write
of samba with many, many  new features....
The 4.0 release date is unknown at the moment.
A. Tridgell: "... it will be released, when it is ready for release..."
If you need further information, you can also contact me directly at
sambaos2 at kukkukk.com

Cheers, Guenter

btw - two samba - os/2 related IRC channels have been setup on irc.freenode.net
Everyone should feel free to join those channels - it's not too crowded there at the moment. :-)

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