[Samba] Re: [OT] SUSE 9.2 support

Rolf A. Vaglid rolf at qt-developer.org
Fri Jan 7 00:43:34 GMT 2005

John Schmerold skrev:
> I'm really sick of trying to get Fedora working with Samba & LDAP, I've 
> read all the books, technotes etc etc
> Still no glory after several months of fighting with it.
> So: I'm going to give SUSE 9.2 a shot, after 6 years of Red Hat, however 
> I'll certainly need some support & don't know which list &/or news 
> groups are "best"
> Anyone care to make a recommendation or two?

Hi John, I have the exact opinion. I have tried several times setting up 
   Samba/LDAP on Redhat and Fedora, only to come to the same conclution 
as you. I ended up buying SuSE 9.2, and now it seems to work as a charm.

I just spent a couple of hours setting up a Postfix/Dovecot/Horde -> pam 
-> OpenLDAP solution with no problems at all. I'll hook up 
authentication from a Samba server to this server tomorrow.

My point is that it seems almost like SuSE had this scenario in mind in 
9.2, as opposed to Fedora et al. The reaseon I decided trying suse when 
giving up on Fedora was just the fact that John H. T. used Suse in his 
book "Samba 3 by Example". ( By the way; thanks John H. T. )

I'll still go for Fedora on my desktops and laptop tho, mainly due to 
apt-get and the fact that most software packages are availible as Fedora 

Do drop me a mail if you get into trouble on Samba/LDAP on SuSE.


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