[Samba] shifting samba machine

Abe Shelton abe at blur.com
Thu Jan 6 19:39:45 GMT 2005

I tried this a week ago and afterward, none of the windows clients on 
our network would recognize "admin users" (Domain admins) as actual 
Administrators. It could have been because of differences in user and 
machine accounts (/etc/passwd, /etc/group and /etc/shadow* are probably 
really important in this regard), but even after quite a few hours of 
debugging, I still couldn't get the windows clients to "trust" the PDC's 
admin users.

A better way to migrate/shift the PDC machine may be to transition to an 
LDAP backend rather than smbpasswd, and then setup the machine to be 
shifted to as a BDC. Then, after all is working with the LDAP-based 
PDC/BDC setup, decommission the PDC and shift the BDC into place.


anu bhaskar wrote:
> hi,
> i have a smba server working as pdc. users are managed using smbpasswd.
> i want to shift the server to a new machine (without changing any
> configuration). which all configuration files i have to copy to the new
> machine.
> greetings,

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