[Samba] WIndows Error messages each write access

support support at stonki.de
Thu Jan 6 14:49:22 GMT 2005


just a quick message via my Webmailer, a more detailed explaination will 
follow when I am at home. I was fighting two days with a brand new Samba 
3.0.10 Installation on a SuSE 9.2 Box. At the end I had to give up to catch 
my flight home: 

The problem is, that each write access (like creating, deleting, changing 
file) a Windows popup comes up informing me, that the network name is not 
valid anymore, and that the file is not found. After confirming the message, 
the file action is done anyway (e.g. its deleted or created). 

I tried the same in a MS DOS Command line window and there I can do the same 
actions (like "edit test" to create a file and "del test" to delete it) 
without any questions or problems. 

The client is getting the IP via DHCP with a Dyn DNS Entry. The resolving of 
IP and/or Name is working on both sites (I trible checked that). 

Any idea so far ? 

I will post detailed config files later when I am home. I am so fed up... 



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