[Samba] Using winbindd against Samba PDC doesn't work

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Jan 6 13:45:07 GMT 2005

Hi, if understand the problem in the right way
you want to join a smb domain on the smb pdc itself, or from another smb 
member machine.
So you could use ntlm via winbind to auth the pdc itself to the smb 
domain on the same machine.
In my case i had to create a machine account first for the pdc, after 
this done i could
join the local smb domain.
Its seems to me logical , that  you  have  to create first a machine 
accout  for the  want to join machine whatever it is nt
or smb.
Perhaps this solves your Problem.
There may other problems with this stuff too, i agree with jerry that 
you should find the
problem in the winbind.log and in the parameters of smb.conf.
I pulled up to debug level 5 to see the problems
Best Regards

Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:

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>On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Gerry Valle wrote:
>>Why would winbindd work correctly for the NT server but not for the FBSD
>>Samba server?  Does it request something specifically tailored only for
>>NT machines?  Does winbindd only work when used against NT servers?  
>>Any suggestions about which parameters I can adjust or check in the
>>smb.conf?  (I didn't change any parameters in the Linux member server's
>>conf, except to put the new domain name).
>You'll need to check the winbindd log files.  All my tests work out ok.
>There's nothing special about a Samba member server in a Samba domain.
>cheers, jerry
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