[Samba] LDAP+samba dc docs

Arno Seidel a.seidel at ehotel.ag
Thu Jan 6 09:20:52 GMT 2005

Koenraad Lelong wrote:

> Hans du Plooy wrote:
>> On Thursday 06 January 2005 09:22, Koenraad Lelong wrote:
>>> I think there was a recent post of you, which says all authentication,
>>> including Linux, should go through LDAP. If this is correct, I think
>>> this should be stressed in all documents concerning Samba/LDAP.
>> Hi ,
>> I did post the LDAP athentication issue, but that was to a different 
>> list - post content was slightly different.  SUSE offers LDAP 
>> authentication but I had trouble getting it setup.  Apart from samba 
>> I need to have other things work with LDAP too.
>> Thanks for your reply and to John H Terpstra
>> Dankie
> I didn't mean you, Hans. I was referring to a post of John (Re: 
> [Samba] PDC + LDAP group mappings, of 30 dec) :
> >...
>> For the record:
>> =========
>> If you use LDAP with Samba it is essential that ALL your UNIX (POSIX) 
>> accounts (both for users and for groups) are in the LDAP backend. 
>> Samba requires the SambaSAM account data also in LDAP. It is NOT 
>> possible with Samba to have only the SambaSAM account information in 
>> LDAP and not the UNIX accounts in LDAP.
>> ...
> P.S. If you succeeded in setting up an LDAP-server, did you use a 
> how-to ? I'm trying to do the same, but I need to study a bit/lot 
> more. I find it a shame that SuSE's Yast does not have an option (I 
> know of) to setup an LDAP-server to authenticate. AFAIK you can only 
> set it up to autenticate against one (i.e. a client), at installation 
> time. But then, it would be too easy ;-), and maybe some finer points 
> would be lost.

Hi Koenraad,

what Distribution of SuSe do you use??
in the Enterprise server of suse you can setup a ldap-server as 
"authentification source" with yast.
p.s. the latest Enterprise Server (SuSE) is available for free download 
on novell.com/linux ...


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