[Samba] General Samba Questions

john.debella at teradyne.com john.debella at teradyne.com
Thu Jan 6 04:21:47 GMT 2005


We've been having lots of issues with our Linux based Samba servers since 
the Windows domains have migrated to AD. We were hoping and expecting 
that, at least in the short term, we could run in "mixed" mode and not 
have to make any changes to our Samba servers. However, things just aren't 
working well. Also, I've posted several issues to this list over the last 
several weeks and many of the issues I've encountered have gone 

So, the question(s) I have is what is the recommended/suggested Samba 
version and configuration we should consider deploying in an 
infrastructure running with Windows 2003 servers and AD? We are running 
primarily RedHat 9 and RedHat ES 30 and a majority of our Samba servers 
are currently running 3.0.7 with some running 2.2.7a, (both of which are 
RedHat's distributions). We've had all kinds of problems varying from 
intermittent "password server not available" issues, to smbd locking up 
and most recently having problems changing a server from server to domain 
security style. Interestingly, (or maybe not), none of these problems 
existed prior to the AD upgrades........

I'm considering making an effort to go full ads mode on the samba servers, 
however, I've also seen that others have had issues doing this. 

I'm open to suggestions.


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