[Samba] Kerberos and Samba

Ganeshram Iyer ganeshramiyer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 23:50:48 GMT 2005

Hello all
I am running a RHEL AS server. I want to make this a Kerberos KDC
against which all windows clients can authenticate. Apart from this I
want to mount the shared folders on the individual windows clients on
to the RHEL server. I am assuming that I need to do this using Samba
(bear with me as I am a Linux newbie). what mode do I set Samba in to
do this? Would it need to authenticate against the KDC? I noticed a
realm setting in smb.conf. But all references to this parameter has
been in relation to Windows AD. Is it possible for me to have a single
location for authentication information while enabling users to view
shared folders on individual machines using Kerberos and Samba? I
would appreciate any suggestions/comments/ideas. If anyone thinks I am
going in the wrong direction I would appreciate any
tutorials/references on doing what I need to.
Ganeshram Iyer
415 South Oak St #117
Arlington, TX, 76010
Ph (H) - 817-274-7827

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