[Samba] Migrating from NT4 to samba (do I still need a domain?)

Paul Smith paul at gami.com
Wed Jan 5 19:26:17 GMT 2005

We have a couple of NT4 boxes I'd like to replace with a single samba
box.  One is a PDC (no BDC) that now does nothing but handle
authentication for the other box which is just an NT4 member server with
a big hard drive and a whole bunch of shares.  There are also a few
printers that are littered around the place connected to various Windows
(2000 and XP) client machines and shared across the network.

I'm thinking this is possible with just one samba box and share level
Will there be any issues with the printers if there isn't a Windows
domain - this is where cups comes in, right?

I'll be replacing an NT4/IIS box soon too - any hidden gotchas with an
apache web/app server and samba on the same network?



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