[Samba] Weird "Share violation"

Katrina Calabrese kat at mbcw.com
Wed Jan 5 17:47:28 GMT 2005

Hi all!

I've got an OS X Server (10.3.7) running the built-in version of Samba  
(3 something).

I've got one sharepoint set up ("Apps") with 2 DOS applications in it.

One is an old DOS version of Q&A (4, if it really matters).  The other  
is a custom application that is text based.  (.bat files, for the most  
part.  A couple of complied pieces done in Turbo Basic.)  All of this  
was running on an ancient Novell Server.

Moved them over to OS X Server (10.3.7).  Q&A runs fine.  I can have 4  
people in it at the same time with no share violations.  The custom app  
is a whole different story.  When a second user tries to access a file  
already opened, they are kicked out of the application.  The server  
shows an error log as follows:

  [2004/12/16 11:45:06, 2]  
    unix_mode(FSPOS/CUSTOMER.DAT) inherit mode 40775
  [2004/12/16 11:45:06, 2]  
    Share violation on file (4,0,2,3941,FSPOS/CUSTOMER.DAT,fcbopen = 0,  
flags = 0) = 0
  [2004/12/16 11:45:06, 2]  
    SALES opened file FSPOS/CUSTOMER.DAT read=Yes write=No (numopen=7)

I've talked to the programmer (who also set up the original Novell  
server way back in the day).  He tells me "if only we could flag that  
folder to share no matter what..."

I know it's generally bad practice to share a file that's already  
opened as rw.  But a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.  Oplock and  
Strict lock are off.

Anyone out there know a way around this crazy problem?



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