[Samba] 3.0.10 with printing patch, NULL devmode, failing to fetch tdb and buffer overflow

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jan 5 16:32:59 GMT 2005

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Thomas Bork wrote:
| Hi Jerry, hi @all,
| some users with 3.0.10 with printing patch have problems
| with old printjobs in her status monitor in windows. Loglevel 10
| shows two problems:

I'm still working on this.  The two errors you mention are
unrelated though.  The last one might be related now that
I think of it.

| 1. The devmode for this printer was not set properly (I know,
| thiswill cause problems). log.smbd:
|   boing, the devmode was NULL
| 2. A buffer overflow is logged.
| log.smbd:
| [2005/01/05 14:02:09, 5] smbd/ipc.c:send_trans_reply(91)
|   send_trans_reply: buffer 1024 too large
| [2005/01/05 14:02:09, 3] smbd/error.c:error_packet(129)
|   error packet at smbd/ipc.c(99) cmd=37 (SMBtrans)

The BUFFER_OVERFLOW error is a normal RPC error code
when the reply PDU must be fragmented across multiple

| Is this the reason for the failed fetching of the tdb?:
| [2005/01/05 12:53:03, 0] smbd/connection.c:register_message_flags(220)
|    register_message_flags: tdb_fetch failed

This was a bug in smbd when clients connected to
port 445.  Should be fixed in 3.0.11pre1.  Could you
test that and let me know if the print jobs are removed
normally?  Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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