[Samba] Slow network and 100% CPU

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The problem is very difficult, because is only windows 9x computers that
have problem. no with windows 2000.

Any idea ?

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The problem of nscd was runningout out of file gandles is due to an
incorrect glibc.
nscd and the correct glibc correct version is very important.  It's not
this problem.

The problem is very odd, some compuets hangs as soon as one types
something in a spreadsheet for example.

Collins, Kevin a écrit :

>I don't know if this is your problem, but I had a similar problem with
>2.2.8 + LDAP.  It turns out that my server was running out of file
>The culprit was NSCD.  I killed it off and things have been fine ever
>Good luck.
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>>Subject: [Samba] Slow network and 100% CPU
>>I have a samba server which functioned correctly.  Only,
>>since 2 weeks, the users have complained about slowness
>>networks and the server is to 100% CPU on the initial process smbd.
>>My version is 3.0.7 and I have a Windows 2000 WINS server for
>>netbios resolution.
>>The samba server use nscd and ldap for password module.
>>I upgraded to samba 3.0.10 for a test, but the problem is not
>>I would like to know how to determine if is the samba server
>>or the ldap server or is the nscd or is the wins server or is
>>a conflict between to computers which have the same IP adress
>>cause these problems.
>>I don't found in log a trace that is a samba problem.
>>Sometimes I read "connection reset by peer" and also in
>>nmbd.log, I can read "Failing wins test #1".
>>Any information is very apprecied
>>Thank you
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