[Samba] msdfs: links to shares not visible/accessible in dfs root

Andreas Ntaflos daff at dword.org
Tue Jan 4 10:14:39 GMT 2005

Hello list, 

I am trying to get a DFS share to work here, linking to a few Windows 2000,
XP and NT machines. Using Samba 3.0.6 on Debian. I followed the
instructions in chapter 17 of the official HOWTO collections and set it
up like this: 

netbios name = fileserver
host msdfs = yes

path = /home/data/shares/postdfs
valid users = @post
force group = +post
read only = No
force create mode = 0770
browseable = Yes
msdfs root = Yes

an ls -/home/data/shares/postdfs looks like this:

lrwxrwxrwx    1 root root 19  4. Jan 10:44 testlink -> msdfs:pc030\install

(post stands for post production)

I can access \\pc030\install manually and the permissions seem to
be correct. However, none of the clients see anything when I connect to
the \\fileserver\postdfs share. The folder just appears empty. I've set
the log level to 10 and see some funny things, for example:

[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 10] smbd/msdfs.c:parse_processed_dfs_path(90)
  temp in parse_processed_dfs_path: .fileserver/dfs/desktop.ini. after
  trimming \'s
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 10] smbd/msdfs.c:parse_processed_dfs_path(99)
  parse_processed_dfs_path: hostname: fileserver
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 10] smbd/msdfs.c:parse_processed_dfs_path(111)
  parse_processed_dfs_path: servicename: dfs
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 10]
  parse_processed_dfs_path: rest of the path: desktop.ini
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 10] smbd/msdfs.c:resolve_dfs_path(307)
  resolve_dfs_path: Conn path = /home/data/shares/postdfs
  req_path = desktop.ini
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 5] smbd/filename.c:unix_convert(109)
  unix_convert called on file "desktop.ini"
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 10]
  stat_cache_lookup: lookup failed for name [DESKTOP.INI]
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 8] lib/util.c:is_in_path(1498)
  is_in_path: testlink
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 8] lib/util.c:is_in_path(1525)
  is_in_path: match not found
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 5] smbd/msdfs.c:is_msdfs_link(244)
  is_msdfs_link: desktop.ini does not exist.
[2005/01/04 10:48:56, 5] smbd/msdfs.c:is_msdfs_link(244)
  is_msdfs_link: * does not exist.

I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but why does Samba keep
looking for a desktop.ini file, which doesn't (and shouldn't?) exist?
Anyway, it is the last line I posted that seems most wrong, saying "* does
not exist". Also, the only occurence of "testlink" in the log file is the
one I posted above. 

Something is definately not right there. Does anybody have any ideas?
What am I overlooking? I'd really appreciate your help, this is kind of

Thanks a lot in advance!
Andreas "daff" Ntaflos 
daff AT dword DOT org
Vienna, Austria 

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