[Samba] Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 3

EDUARDO MARQUES a21453 at alunos.det.ua.pt
Mon Jan 3 22:14:14 GMT 2005

Hi, everyone!!
I have a problem in the mapping groups.. I 
have a debian PDC that works with security = 
"user" and password backend, and I have a file 
server of 1TByte with Red Hat Enterprises, 
that works in security = "domain".
All the groups and users I created was in the 
PDC. The mapping between the two servers is 
supposed to be made by Winbind, but that is my 
I can see the users of the debian PDC when i 
do wbinfo -u in the file server, however I 
can´t see any group that i created previously 
in debian whn i do wbinfo -g.
No group from the PDC appears on the 
/etc/groups file. So, anyone can help me?? I 
want to make severals shares in the smb.conf 
file of the file server to differents groups 
and with differents permissions, but in this 
way it´s impossible.
I´m waiting for some reply, please.
Thanks a lot for your help and time!!

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