[Samba] samba v3 slow with 'security = server'

Spike Burkhardt burkhardt.richard at ssd.loral.com
Mon Jan 3 18:57:53 GMT 2005


  I don't think changing authentication to 'security = Domain' would help a
performance problem.  I'd make sure that you're not running into memory,
disk or network congestion problems.  I forget the number but there is a
recommended amount of memory/user so knowing the number of connections is
important.  Memory usage can make a huge difference in a Solaris
environment.  Make sure there hasn't been any changes in usage either. There
are lots of areas that could affect this but those would be my starting


Anthony Iano-Fletcher wrote:

> We were running samba v2.2.x with the 'security = server' option and
> everything worked wonderfully.
> We upgraded to samba 3.0.10 with the same configuration. Everything
> still works but it's very very slow. Opening a file can take 15 to 30
> seconds or more. I changed the security option to 'user' and everything
> is fast again.  Clearly something has changed between 2.x.x and 3.x.x to
> slow this down immensely.
> Is there any way we can run with security set to server but cache the
> results of the server conversation? Am I missing a new option that can
> set?
> Would 'security = Domain' help? or will it suffer from the same issue.
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