[Samba] Samba share breaks msi-install process

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Mon Jan 3 16:00:07 GMT 2005


I need advise by someone with knowledge about the inner workings of
MS Installer to explain the behavioural difference between using a
Samba share and a native Windows share.

I'm trying to install a (commercial) package on multiple
Windows machines. This package shares several database-like files
in a central directory on a central share. Using a share on a Windows
XP-machine works OK leaving the central files intact, using a Samba share
breaks things.

First I install the package on the first machine (say pcA).
The central directory on the share is created and the files are installed.
The package now works excellent.

Then I install the package on the second machine (say pcB).
The central share is found, but on Samba the important "database" file is
reinitialised, deleting all the information put into it using pcA.

The shares are mapped using the same account name and password (only
one PC needs to be active at the same time).
I have tried both Samba Version 2.0.5a, and Version 3.0.3pre2-2.pre2.
Both behave exactly alike.

On version 3 I have experimented with serveral options the last
setting I tried is:

   comment = Temporary file space
   path = /tmp
   read only = no
   browseable = yes
   public = yes
   map hidden = yes 
   dos filetimes = yes
   dos filetime resolution = yes
   fstype = FAT
   fake directory create times = yes
   ea support = no

My feeling is that somehow the file/directory times are important
(perhaps the file creation time plays an essential role).
I have sniffed the network with ethereal: the important file is
copied to a .rbf file. That (roll back?) file isn't touched and 
later on deleted.

The software company ensures me that when using any kind of Windows share
the software works as expected, only with Samba it fails (other customers
have identical problems). They too would like the problem resolved.
They also checked their .msi file: the central "database" file is marked
as very valuable, and shouldn't be destroyed.

It is the MSI install process that rewrites the central files.
Does anyone know how MSI checks its target files and whether samba
can be tweaked either by changing the configuration file of by
adding new functionality to Samba to make it work?

Thanks a lot,

	Yves Fonk

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