[Samba] Migration script from smbpasswd to LDAP

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Sun Jan 2 03:35:17 GMT 2005

>i need a migration script from smbpasswd-file to a ldap database. I
>searched a lot in google in the archive, but found only hints for
>changing the perl scripts of padl migration scripts.
Did you search the archive for THIS group?  It has been answered many 
times, I think once a couple days ago and at least once myself ;).  
These all take for granted that you have a working LDAP tree for system 
level auth, can sucessfully run an smbpasswd -a <username> command and 
that the system works for LDAP based samba auth.

Look into the pdbedit command options, with the import and export 
flags.  There is also a flag to specify where your source is coming 
from, if not the 'default', for example, if you have your old smbpasswd 
file in /home/me/stuffnottodelete/smbpasswd.  This will suck the data 
out of the file and modify your posix user accounts in LDAP to include 
samba attributes.  Sorry I can't tell you the exact syntax ATM, since I 
am away from my servers.

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