[Samba] logon scripts with kixtart

Joachim Kieferle joakie at architektur.fh-wiesbaden.de
Sat Jan 1 10:04:31 GMT 2005

Shawn Henderson wrote:

> Any body using kixtart with your samba server..?
> or anyone have any great scripting tools for logon scripts...

Dear Shawn,

we use KIXTART since years with 500 users +. Runs very reliable and up 
to now without any problems. We e.g. use it for
- Unmounting and mounting network drives
- Unmounting and mounting printers
- Changing the registry of client computer
- setting up Mozilla for the user logging on,
- and many other.

If you are interested in our scripts, please send a PM-Mail (pls. mark 
in the subject accordingly that I don't erase it by accident, since this 
account serves many lists).



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