[Samba] force group question/problem

Sutto Zoltan sutto.zoltan at axelero.hu
Mon Feb 28 19:26:47 GMT 2005


    I have a problem using force group option.

            comment = Docs share
            path = /samba/docs
            valid users = @info
            force user = samba
            force group = info
            read only = No
            force create mode = 0770
            force directory mode = 0775

    chown samba:info /samba/docs
    chmod 770 /samba/docs

Groups and their members:

    user2 primary group is support
    user1 primary group is info

When a user(s) whose primary group is SUPPORT  creates or modifies files in 
DOCS share
the owner of these will change to group SUPPORT.
In this case user(s) in INFO group cannot access these files.

Why the group owner changes even using force group?
I tried using force group = +info   too. It did not work.

 How can I avoid group owner modifications?

 Any help would be appreciated.

 Zoltan Sutto

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