[Samba] SAMBA + LDAP : Unable to Login on a domain

Didier ALBENQUE didier.albenque at culture.gouv.fr
Mon Feb 28 14:13:31 GMT 2005

Le Thu, 24 Feb 2005 09:47:53 +0100, Olivier BONHOMME
<olivier.bonhomme at b2i-toulouse.com> écrivait :

> But the problem is when I try to log into the domain with an account. 
> Samba says that authentication is OK but windows says that username or
> password is incorrect.
> Does anybody has a solution for this strange problem.

Check the SIDs of the samba domain (net getlocalsid) and then check the
SID (sambaDomainName) in the LDAP tree.
I had this problem after changing the name of my domain without deleting
the sambaDomainName in LDAP : I can successfully add a machine, but
can't connect in the domain.

BTW, you should comment the password server option in your smb.conf.


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