[Samba] Cannot delete files from a SAMBA/CIFS connection

Meneghisse, Celso celso.meneghisse at hp.com
Mon Feb 28 11:25:31 GMT 2005

Hi folks,


            I am having a problem to delete files from a CIFS share drive.


            We are running samba in a HP UX server and are mapping the shares from Windows XP SP1  clients. The system was running well since 2000 and suddenly starts to present the problem below...


            When I create a file from windows in the samba share drive sometimes I can´t  delete the file , sometime I can delete, and sometime I can´t delete right after create the file but I can delete after some minutes or hours...In all off the cases I can´t delete I receive the following message: " The mounted file system does not support extended attributes"...


            Does anyone have ever seem a case like this? Does anyone know how to solve?

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