[Samba] samba code addition

nac kawathekar nascomp19 at rediffmail.com
Sun Feb 27 18:20:01 GMT 2005

  Hello all,
I am a final year computer engineering student.
As part of my BE project I am working around with Samba (version 2.2.7a)
I have added my own code at certain places in the Server code(Server.c file of SMBD). 
The NMBD code is unchanged.

The code is getting executed with following message.
It says that browser.dat file can't be opened.
Why such a thing is happening?

I can't see the SambaServer in Windows neightwork neighbourhood.
If i run the Smbd's original executable,it works fine.
In interactive mode both the original and modified code execute in similar fashion except for the above message.
I use the shell script provided with Samba to get the compiling and linking done.

Please help me out.
Thanking u, 

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