[Samba] Out of Office AutoReply: Allen, Selèct Softwarè Programs - at upto 80 pèrcènt Ðĩscõùnţ

Allen Vance allen at sendtec.com
Sun Feb 27 15:49:41 GMT 2005

I will be out of the office from the afternoon of Friday 02/25/2005 returning on Thursday 03/03/2005.

During this time, I will be checking my voicemail on a regular basis. I will also be checking email on a limited basis.

In case of an emergency please contact Kristina Williams at kristina at sendtec.com (x.136) or Mark Hembree at mhembree at sendtec.com (x.127). Or you can reach me on my cell phone at (813) 230-4397.


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