[Samba] It works, and thanks ;)

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sat Feb 26 17:10:43 GMT 2005


No, no questions, no complaints. Just compliments to the Samba team.

Samba 3.0.11 (Red Hat RHAS3) running as (one of 5 diverse Linux servers)
PDC for all (75+) wk2000 and XP professional workstations on top of an
1,560+ OpenLDAP 2.2.17 backend at Barlaeus Gymnasium ("gymnasium" means
"sort of high school for over-intelligent pupils whose parents just might
happen to have above-average income; at the very least they want the best
for their above-average intelligent offspring" in Dutch).

Everybody can do what the sysadmins (3 of us, at the moment) decree. The
clients print via CUPS and Pykota. They (pupils, teachers, administration,
directors) may do as their credentials decree.

What Barlaeus had of Windows before was an utter disaster, based on a
native NT4 PDC.

I've thanked you all before, but the fact that the transition was achieved
in one weekend (Friday NT4, Monday samba3 with just about no pain, is

As far as thanking JHT goes, I still have a duty to write up my LDAP
experience. It does not follow the official Samba guide to many extents
and without it (my own intuition and implementation) I would not have been
able to have enabled any of the above. This has actually been fully
covered in previous posts and Craig White's findings have done nothing
other than back up my own. I've written my own (awk and shell) scripts
(begiining start of July last) to include users and machines in Samba 3.
They're rather disjointed at the moment, so I definitely can't publish

As far as Jerry Carter goes, without his Red Hat srpms and complimentary
expertise the whole thing would have been a dismal failure.

Thanks to ya all. Samba will certainly be my top OS software of 2005,
Postfix was that for 2004 with thanks to Wietse Venema, despite Sam
Varshavchik's utterly brilliant Courier IMAP and the OpenLDAP crew's
fundamental contribution (without which none of this would be possible).

Anyone near Leidseplein in Amsterdam is welcome to come and look. Barlaeus
Gymnasium, Weteringschans 29 ... e-mail in advance.

mail: tonye at billy.demon.nl

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