[Samba] Re: Debugging Privilege and Samba 3.0.11

Thierry Thierry at echotech.ch
Fri Feb 25 20:57:03 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> The answer is that you create a domain group on
> the Samba server; add the users to that group,
> the assign that SID the SeDebugPrivilege right
> on the individual machines (not of the Samba DC).
> user rights are local to the machine on which they
> are assigned.
Isn't that pretty much :
-open MMC
-Add the "Group Policy" snap-in
-Browse to Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Windows 
Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment
-Open "Debug programs" entry
-Add "LAB\Debugger Users"
Which I've done.
Unfortunately there is that annoying little box on the right saying 
"Effective Policy Setting" which remains NON-checked :-(
(While "Local Policy Setting" is checked)

What am I missing that would actually grant these rights locally ?

Thanks for your help again!


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