[Samba] Samba + PAM + OpenAFS + Redhat Linux 3 EL

Raghu S raghu_afs at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 19:32:37 GMT 2005

We are in the process of designing new OpenAFS cell and need your suggestions.
I got stuck with providing Windows 95 , ME and OS/2 users access to OpenAFS cell. We decided to use Samba as gateway. Compiled samba with "--with-afs" option and installed. Testing failed with errors. 
Then we decided to appraoch with PAM, like Compile Samba with PAM enable and Install OpenAFS client on samba with PAM integrated enabled. Theoritically it sounds good but don't have any procedure to implement. I am novice to Samba. Anybody using Samba in OpenAFS environment? Please shed some light on this.... Please copy /etc/pam.d files and samba.conf files.Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated
Distibuted Filesystems Admin
Data Systems Inc
San Jose CA

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