[Samba] Re: Debugging Privilege and Samba 3.0.11

Thierry Thierry at echotech.ch
Fri Feb 25 19:28:14 GMT 2005

JLB wrote:

 >I apologize for being so flippant and unhelpful (although in my defense,
 >I posted the links to the various password tools in order to -be- helpful.
 >They got me some major brownie points the other day when a client's
 >"network administrator" (a Windows-only user) was unaware of the existence
 >of either Snadboy's Revelation -or- the NT password-resetting boot disk
 >thingee (both of which she found highly useful and time-saving). Tools
 >like this are so handy!)
And they are , indeed! :-)
Thank you anyway - I could indeed have been one of those who believe
"security" is adding an anti-virus to their server... ;-)
and you had no way to know I guess :-)


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