[Samba] Debugging Privilege and Samba 3.0.11

Thierry Thierry at echotech.ch
Fri Feb 25 18:25:14 GMT 2005


I am striving to give out globally to our developers a way to debug 
their C++ applications, but I do not want to give them Admin rights on 
the individual workstations.

I thought I found the light when reading on MSDN that to debug users 
need to be members of the "Debugger Users" group (according to VS.Net).
This group seems to be created with a random SID when installing VS.Net 
on the computer.
I created the group on the Samba domain , even removed the Local group 
on the computer where VS was installed, but any attempt to debug with a 
"Domain User" account is moot : ends up with "permission refused" when I 
want to attach to a process.

Now I think that maybe the real right to debug a process is bound to the 
SeDebugPrivilege privilege on the Domain.
Unfortunately attempts to perform
net rpc rights grant 'LAB\Debugger Users' SeDebugPrivilege

I even tried to manually add the "Debugger Users" group to the Local 
Security Policy of the computer to the "Debug" rights , but it doesn't 
work either.

Can anybody shed some light on the way I can reach my simple goal : give 
developers a way to debug, without giving away "Domain Admin" rights to 

(Yes, I know, this security is not perfect, but hey, I did not invent 
the Windows security model either...)

Thank you for any help!


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