[Samba] Simple PDC/BDC with LDAP config

Mccrory, Kevin B kevin.mccrory at eds.com
Fri Feb 25 16:42:11 GMT 2005

I want to be able to use Samba to manage a Windows cluster account for
failing over two Windows clusters. 

This is a small system, 8 web servers with two DB clusters along with a
couple of other servers handling backup and management functions. I run DNS
services on the firewall for the internal machines.  The AD DNS is only for
the clusters. All the machines are Domain members for single Sign on but
this is a nice to have. The developers don't even use it to access the web
pages. I have an Windows 2003 AD set up but the issue is that the
implementation didn't go right so replication isn't working. Its also
massive overkill for what I need. I want to simplify the whole mess.

The PDC/BDC configuration is to ensure that the cluster always has the
ability to access the domain account for failover along with a minimum of 4
DB servers configured in two clusters.  

All of the docs go into configurations that support many users, logon
profiles, shared drives off the server, etc. 
I plan on using LDAP to provide replication of machine accounts and the
Cluster Account between the two DCs.  
Can I bypass using DNS and just use /etc/hosts with all other requests going
to the firewall DNS? 
My question is what is the minimum that I need to have to support the Domain
Cluster login account? 

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