[Samba] Bringing a laptop to a Samba Network

Steve Cohen scohen at javactivity.org
Fri Feb 25 12:30:39 GMT 2005

Steve Cohen wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
>>> Steve Cohen wrote:
>>> OK, let me ask this question another way, short and simple:
>>> In a security=SHARE samba network, is there any way for a computer 
>>> outside the workgroup to connect to and use (not talking about "see") 
>>> a printer shared by samba on that network?
>> ----
>> In the end, I'm not convinced that security = share is all that
>> different from security = user for your purposes.
>> There should be logs in /var/log/samba/log.MACHINE_NAME
>> or /var/log/samba/log.IP_ADDRESS_OF_LAPTOP that might show the problem
>> with credentials.
>> Craig
> Thanks.  I tried the printer admin thing and that made the "access 
> denied" go away, but nothing comes out of the printer.  Worse yet, I've 
> managed to disable printing also from my local boxes, which were 
> previously working, somewhere in all the other changes I made, which is 
> even more annoying.
> And did I keep a backup of smb.conf?  NOOOO!  That would have been TOO 
> It's time for bed.  I'm an idiot.  
> Good night, and thanks for your help.  Tomorrow is another day.

Well, this list hasn't succeeded (yet) in helping me print from my 
laptop but it's had at least one large benefit!  I may not have made a 
backup of my original smb.conf, but I did POST it to this list earlier 
in the thread and was thus able to get back to square one.  Printing now 
works as it did before for the local machines and lesson has been learned.

Now, Craig, to your point about security=USER being as good a choice for 
me:  I'm ready to try this.  Can you explain how it would work for my 
family users who don't at present log on with passwords? (they are using 
XP). Do they fall under the guest user as they do with security=SHARE? 
I don't remember, I set this up over a year ago, but I have a feeling I 
tried that and it didn't work.  Is there some other setting I would need 
to change in order to get that working?


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