[Samba] Testing LDAP: ssh connection refused

sania maro marosania at yahoo.fr
Fri Feb 25 09:15:28 GMT 2005

 --- Paul Gienger <pgienger at ae-solutions.com> a écrit
> If this is your case, not what you posted earlier
> about connection 
> refused, I'd suggest you check your password hash. 
> You have to jump 
> through some hoops to get CRYPT in there over the
> standard SMD5, which 
> apparently most distro versions of sshd can't
> handle.  This problem 
> could also creep up after a password change if
> that's your true issue.

Thank you for your response.
I have SSHA as password encryption type. And I set up
this encryption type into different configuration
files (smbldap.conf,  smldap_bind.conf and so on).
However, the problem still exists.
I have also another problem. i found in the
documentation that I may test my LDAP using ssh (ssh
user_name at PDC_name), however, my samba PDC name
couldn't be resolved (I get "ssh: PDC_name: Name or
service not known). 
Thanks a lot for your consideration.


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