[Samba] Moving Samba system between Windows Trust Domains.

James Tullett JTULLETT at thebritishmuseum.ac.uk
Thu Feb 24 18:14:06 GMT 2005

Dear All:

I was wondering if anybody could offer some input concerning a problem
I will shortly be facing with a Samba system that I am setting up.  The
Samba Server is a Sun Ultra5 running Solaris 8.  I am currently setting
up the system on an isolated network (no access to the live network nor
to the Internet).  However
I do eventually need to take the system off the Test network and move it
to the Live Network.    Neither the Live nor the Test network trust the
The Samba Server is currently joined to the Test Network's ADS domain as
a Domain Member Server.

Is it simply a question of deleting the Sun from the ADS domain on the
Test network, and then adding it to the Live network, or is there more
work (clearing out databases &c) needed to ensure that the system is
ready to join the Live Network?

James Tullett

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