[Samba] Re: Printing only works sometimes

Joseph Carri joseph_carri at excite.com
Thu Feb 24 14:43:45 GMT 2005

Jeremy Allison <jra <at> samba.org> writes:

> The problem seems to be with the lp subsystem on the SCO
> OpenServer box. Probably the reason you're not getting much
> help is due to the fact you're running on an *extremely*
> (to say the least  unpopular platform.
> I have a feeling people may be much more willing to help
> if you were running on any other system than SCO.
> SCO have not gone out of their way to make themselves
> popular with the Free Software/Open Source communities
> due to their legal activities.
> Would it be possible to migrate your applications onto
> a Linux varient instead ? They are known to be much
> better integrated with Samba into a Windows printing
> network (it works out of the box on my Red Hat Fedora
> test machines).
> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy.


Thanks for the suggestion Jeremy, I do understand that SCO is no longer 
popular, specially now that there's a very satisfactory alternative in the 
various forms of Linux. However, I'm afraid that that's impossible.  You see 
the two UNIX machines are what the entire firms MIS system runs on.  The MIS 
system has been implemented and has grown and accreted over the years (since 
1994) and is now a real behemoth.  To port it to another OS will be a major 

In fact the reason I need to get the printing operational is for printing MIS 
reports and other documents at the outlying locations.

Could you give me an idea of what lp could do wrong to cause samba to time 
out.  I'm pretty sure I could fool around with lp and get it to behave.  the 
SCO lp is a very stable and reliable animal, and I've never had problems with 
it over the years, but there's always a first time ...


Joe Carri

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