[Samba] Samba and FC 2

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Thu Feb 24 16:46:50 GMT 2005

Hmm, how about permissions... ??
coz apache uses user:apache (or httpd) to access files and dirs..
so if a homedir is set to 0770, apache will not access it..
try to see what your log files say..

Tim Holmes wrote:
> Good Morning Everyone:
> Please excuse the crosspost from the Fedora list for those that read
> both
> I am running into a bit of a problem,
> Yesterday, I set up my webserver (FC2) with samba so that I can
> authenticate against the active directory as per the instructions in
> http://www.billboswellconsulting.com/files/Authenticating%20Linux%20desk
> tops%20with%20AD.pdf
> When I log in to the fedora box using my Domain admin username and
> password, it works nicely,  the problem that I am hitting is that any
> user trying to access the box from the network can hit the two shares
> (which happen to contain the websites (for editing purposes) but cannot
> access their home directories.
> There are really two parts to my question
> 1. How do I get them to be able to access their home directories.  (this
> will be applied today on another machine which is a file server)
> 2. Because this is a webserver, how do I make those home directories go
> away as the users don't need them on this box, but will need them on the
> file server that I am going to be working on)
> So far my research hasn't turned up any clues to this, though
> admittedly, I have about 1000 pages of reading left to go.
> Thanks for all the excellent help I have already received.
> Tim Holmes
> IT Manager / Webmaster
> Medina Christian Academy
> A Higher Standard...
> Jeremiah 33:3
> Jeremiah 29:11
> Esther 4:14

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