[Samba] Re: ldap / username issue

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Thu Feb 24 01:16:52 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 16:59 -0600, Chris McKeever wrote:
> some more information:
> if I 'getent shadow' - I can find the accounts in question, but getent
> passwd just does not work - however, there are other accounts in the
> LDAP, added the same way, and they show up in the 'getent passwd'
I understand you are eager for someone to solve your issue.

Unfortunately, you are the one in the best position to do that and it
would seem to me that no amount of data dumps that you post are likely
to have someone solve this problem as it clearly isn't an obvious

In theory, if you did a 'getent passwd' > /tmp/passwd_and_ldap
and then did a diff between that file and your /etc/passwd, the
difference should represent the entries coming from your DSA if properly
configured using the padl tools like nsswitch

I suggested that you use the GUI tools to examine accounts that are in
LDAP - those that appear in getent passwd and those that don't.

You could slapcat your DSA - delete the files and reload from the ldif
created by slapcat. Perhaps you are having problems with LDAP
storage/retrieval. Turn up your logging level on ldap

I guess that this isn't a samba issue but an ldap issue - possibly with
the other tools on your system - nscd (try turning it off).


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