[Samba] Winbind on AIX 5.2

samba at braingia.org samba at braingia.org
Wed Feb 23 23:04:30 GMT 2005

Has anyone had luck getting Winbind from Samba 3.0.11 to compile and 
authenticate users telnetting (or ssh'ing) into an AIX lpar?  If so, 
what'd you do?  :)

I've compiled kerberos and openldap, both installed.  Able to run the 
configure script for Samba, pointing LDFLAGS and related to the correct 
location for the openldap libraries.  I've been unable to get Samba 
compiled correctly when adding --with-pam to the configure script though.

I've followed the instructions in the Samba docs and placed lines in 
/usr/lib/security/methods.cfg as well as changing the SYSTEM line in 

wbinfo -u shows the domain users.  wbinfo --authenticate=user%password 
indicates that the user could be authenticated in the domain.  Still can't 
telnet into the server.  The syslog says something to the effect of 
authentication denied for UNKNOWN_USER from <ip>.  

A pam problem perhaps?  

The winbindd log has errors such as "Illegal multibyte sequence" too.

Any hints, pointers, etc from someone who has this working would be 
appreciated.  I've just about googled everything I could think of at this 

The goal is to be able to use active directory to store and manage all 
user information and not have to do any of that on the lpar itself.

Thanks for any help.

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