[Samba] WinXP not caching credentials

Juerd juerd at convolution.nl
Wed Feb 23 20:24:36 GMT 2005

I have three Windows XP (All SP2) machines that won't cache credentials
with a Samba DC.

A Debian Sarge system with Samba 3.0.10 is the domain controller. It has
three users and three machine accounts. 

The three users all are simple Unix users, with no mapping to Windows

We use DHCP (entirely different server) and DNS, but local IPs do not

The configuration files for Samba were copied from a system that has
multiple workstations that correctly cache credentials.

Two of the three machinas are notebooks. They have to be usable off-line
with the same profile they use on-line.

No PAM modifications were made. Passwords are still manually
synchronised between smbpasswd and passwd.

All machines synchronise with the same NTP server.

On-line logins work.

What can be done to get the workstations to cache credentials, so users
can login without needing to have a domain controller?

The error message says that the user cannot be logged on because the
domain controller is unavailable.

Please help!



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