[Samba] LDAP compatible

Pierre Dinh-van pierre at qsdf.org
Wed Feb 23 14:58:38 GMT 2005

Le Mercredi 23 Février 2005 15:39, Orlando de Sousa a écrit :
> Hello people,
> i'm brasilian. I'm sorry for the erros... ok?!  :-) Let's go!
> My company uses openldap-2.1.21.
> What is the version samba compatible with openldap-2.1.21?!
> I'm trying install samba-3.0.11, but it requires openldap-2.2.23.  I
> don't want install the release openldap-2.2.23  for it.

you should juste recompile samba from source or source RPM, and it might work 
with any 2.x version of openldap

Hope it helps


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