[Samba] Re: "Delayed Write Failed" and other similar errors on Windows machines

Michael J. Welch, Ph.D. mjwelchphd at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 23 09:32:30 GMT 2005


I got the ethereal capture files under Samba, one without the "Delayed Write 
Error," one with, and one using Windows File server for reference.

You can get them at ftp://chata.dyndns.org/DelayedWrite.zip

Please see the readme.txt file. I got a big surprise when I examined the 
capture files.

I imagine you speak German. I speak English, French, and Spanish. As far as my 
German goes, "Ich habt Deutsch ein der hochschule gelernt, aber ich habt 
alles vergessen." Désolée monsieur.

I hope this is useful--I spent some long hours preparing it.

-- Mike

On Sunday 06 February 2005 17:27, you wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> > On Saturday 05 February 2005 13:25, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > > Looks like it might be a hardware problem on your network then.
> >
> > I noticed that moving the offending folder and files on the Windoze end
> > to another folder on the Samba share, the problem seemed to go away. I
> > haven't had time to run any other tests, but if the the problem shows
> > back up, I'll do an etherreal capture to see what can be learned.
> >
> > For now, case closed. Thanks.
> >
> > -- Mike
> > --
> sorry Mike, if you dislike getting private email resulting from public
> news-groups posts. :-)
> I'm somewhat supporting the samba 4.0 team - but also watch 3.0.x.
> If your discussed problem is showing up again, feel free to contact me
> directly.
> To get a chance for analysing it, you should try to catch
>   - a samba debug log level 10
>   - an ethereal trace
> Both should be "as close to the problem as possible" - hopefully not
> megabytes. You can switch the samba debuglevel (on your linux machine) with
>    smbcontrol smbd debug 10
> (by default this logfile is written to /var/log/samba/log.smbd)
> btw - don't forget to reset that debug stuff (after sniffing the bug)!
>      smbcontrol smbd debug 0
> And please, also include your used samba version.
> Maybe i can help....
> Cheers, Guenter
> btw - you really get that error, if your "hardware link" - network cards,
> cables and so on are not working properly or are out of specs.
> So, also your link-speed (10 / 100 / 1000 Mbit) (full / half duplex) and
> the involved switches or hubs could add some problems, too.


Michael J. Welch, Ph.D.
mjwelchphd at adelphia.net or mjwelchphd at ekgreaders.com

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