[Samba] Have profile dir permanently mounted

Torbjørn Lindahl torbjorn.lindahl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 07:15:16 GMT 2005

I have a sambaserver running as PDC for a smaller windows domain.
Because of growing inbox'es I believe roaming profiles in time
will not be a good solution, so instead I want the profile dir for the
domain users to permanently reside on a samba share.

Is it not advisable to do that? I guess it will introduce problems if a
user logs on from more than one client at the same time. However that
would probably also mess up roaming profiles being copied forth and

If I understand it correctly, I need to:
*) Disable roaming profiles (to stop clients from copying profile dir
forth and back)
* )Somehow assign the profile dir to be \\%LOGONSERVER%\Profiles\%USERNAME%

Would it be possible to accomplish this using a logon script?

Torbjørn Lindahl

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