[Samba] Bringing a laptop to a Samba Network

Matthew Easton info at sublunar.com
Wed Feb 23 07:13:48 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 22 February 2005 21:30, Steve Cohen wrote:
> I have a little home network, with a wireless router.  The main box on
> the ntwk runs RedHat 9.0 and Samba 2.2.7a.
> I have a Win2K laptop provided to me by my employer with all the typical
> corporate security constraints.
> I can take the laptop home and access the internet from it through the
> laptops secondary wireless router card and my wireless router.  What I'd
> like to be able to do beyond that is print documents from the laptop to
> my home printer.  

I believe you can mount shares by browsing or by using the "net use" command 
from the laptop. But presumably you can't add a printer, and if you could add 
the printer, you won't add it as a windows shared printer, but instead, you 
will create a TCP/IP port and print to lpr. But let's say you can't even do 

This workaround might help:  you can create a watched share directory on your 
server and a cron script that just prints anything it sees in the directory.  
For this to work, you need to be able to save documents into a format that 
linux understands.  The two obvious ones that come to mind are 

	postscript -- if you are fortunate, one of your existing corporate printers 
is a postscript printer, so you would print-to-file on the postscript printer 
and save up to the server, 

	or PDF --perhaps you have software on the laptop that permits you to create 

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