[Samba] Error connecting to Samba share from pocketPC

Samba ron at moerman.cc
Tue Feb 22 21:51:47 GMT 2005

I've setup a wireless network with a Linux server, several Windows XP PC's 
and a PocketPC running Windows Mobile 2003 SE. The Linux server is running 
Debian and Samba 3.0.10. All is working fine, with Samba as a domain 
controller and serving shares for the Windows PC's.

However my PocketPC is unable to connect to a Samba share (it can connect 
just fine to a share on Windows XP) and gives the error "Cannot find the 
file '\\' (or one of its components)'.

I set a high loglevel in Samba (10) and noticed a few things in the log:
- A log is created with names like "log._cerdr6d2c7891" where the device 
logs it's details ( I've configured Samba to create a logfile per device).
- NT LM 0.12 is the requested and selected protocol.
- Client arch is 'CIFSFS'.
- A message stating "receivbe_smb_raw: length < 0!".
- Followed by a message stating "End of file from client (client has 

Any clues on how to proceed?

Ron Moerman 

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